Github integration

In order to integrate projects which are hosted on Github server instead of (default) Gerrit, few steps should be done.

Opening a ticket

Everything should be done using oVirt jira ticketing system.

Project transfer

First of all the project MUST be transferred to oVirt organization. This is the requirement of GitHub pull request builder plugin oVirt infra uses for the integration. Project owner MUST initialize the transfer. Owner of the project is added as admin to the new project to manage integration, contributors, whitelists etc.

Granting permissions to ovirt-infra bot on your repository

After the project is under the oVirt organization, log into GitHub and go to: Project Settings->Colllaborators & Teams-> Add a team, choose bots team, and grant it admin permissions. When the jobs will be generated in Jenkins, it will use the bot credentials, which are already configured in Jenkins global settings, to setup the webhooks. The webhooks will send POST requests on each PR. There is no need to configure the webhooks manually.

Project directory

Should be created under jenkins/jobs/confs/projects and named as a project in github. The content of the directory as follows:


The content of single yaml file is pretty straightforward. NOTE %%project_name%% MUST be replaced with actual name of the project


- %%project_name%%_common:
    name: %%project_name%%
    %%project_name%%_common--key: &%%project_name%%_common
      project: %%project_name%%
        - 4.1:
            branch: ovirt-4.1
        - master:
            branch: master
        - el7
        - fc24
        - fc25
      trigger: 'on-change'
      arch: x86_64
      deploy-to: ovirt
      org: oVirt
      github-auth-id: 'ovirt-infra'
      repotype: experimental

- project:
    <<: *%%project_name%%_common
    name: %%project_name%%_check_patch_standard
    stage: 'check-patch'
      - '{project}_{version}_github_check-patch-{distro}-{arch}'

- project: &build-artifacts-params
    <<: *%%project_name%%_common
    name: %%project_name%%_checks_standard
    stage: 'build-artifacts'
      - '{project}_{version}_github_{stage}-{distro}-{arch}'


  1. After the jobs were created, log into GitHub and go to Project settings->webhooks, and choose the webhook which contains inside its endpoint. Check that the recent events were sent without errors.

  2. On Jenkins side, the 'raw' GitHub events can be viewed at: GitHub Pull Request Plugin Logs

  3. For lower-level interaction between Jenkins and GitHub, see: GitHub Plugin logs, If for some reason you encounter a message similar to:

Rate limit now: GHRateLimit{remaining=1, limit=5000, resetDate=Sun Apr 09 13:07:54 UTC 2017}

It means we reached the GitHub rate limit of 5000 requests/per hour. This happens quickly if the projects are configured to use polling. When using webhooks - it should be difficult to reach that limit.