List of CI mirrors

Following is a list of all transactional mirrors that are currnetly available for use by Standard-CI jobs running in the oVirt CI system.

This list has last been updated in Feb 28th, 2017. The oVirt Infra team tries to keep this list up to date. When in doubt, the authoritative source of information about the CI mirrors is the list of mirror synchronization jobs in Jenkins.

At this time, all mirrors contain only x86_64 packages.

Mirror 'repo id' What it mirrors
centos-base-el7 CentOS 7 'base' repo
centos-updates-el7 CentOS 7 'updates' repo
centos-extras-el7 CentOS 7 'extras' repo
epel-el7 EPEL for EL7
glusterfs-3.12-el7 CentOS storage SIG GlusterFS 3.12 repo for EL7
glusterfs-5-el7 CentOS storage SIG GlusterFS 5 repo for EL7
glusterfs-6-el7 CentOS storage SIG GlusterFS 6 repo for EL7
centos-ovirt-common-el7 CentOS virt SIG common repo for EL7
centos-ovirt-4.2-el7 CentOS virt SIG oVirt 4.2 repo for EL7
centos-kvm-common-el7 CentOS virt SIG KVM repo for EL7
centos-qemu-ev-testing-el7 CentOS virt SIG EV repo for EL7 (pre-release)
centos-qemu-ev-release-el7 CentOS virt SIG Enterprise Virtualization repo for EL7
centos-opstools-testing-el7 CentOS OPS tools SIG repo (pre-release)
centos-opstools-release-el7 CentOS OPS tools SIG repo
fedora-base-fc28 Fedora 28 'base' repo
fedora-updates-fc28 Fedora 28 'updates' repo
fedora-base-fc29 Fedora 29 'base' repo
fedora-updates-fc29 Fedora 29 'updates' repo
fedora-base-fc30 Fedora 30 'base' repo
fedora-updates-fc30 Fedora 30 'updates' repo