How to add a new oVirt mirror

  • Email the admin of the mirror site:

    We are really excited that you decided to contribute to the oVirt project.
    To add you as a mirror site I will need the following details:
    1) The IP address from which you will access our site.
    2) Your public ssh key.
    3) The email/organization which you want to be published in our wiki page.
  • Once he replies, Email servicedesk_redhat_dot_com:

    Please allow access from <mirror ip> to port 22(SSH)
  • Create a new patch with the public ssh-key in infra-puppet repository, see this for reference.

  • Once the patch is merged and the ip is whitelisted, ask the mirror admin to test it by running the following command:

    rsync -rltHvvP his/mirror/path
  • If everything goes well the new mirror rsync logs will appear at:

After a few days that everything is running well do the following: