How to add a new oVirt mirror

  • Email the admin of the mirror site:

    We are really excited that you decided to contribute to the oVirt project.
    To add you as a mirror site I will need the following details:
    1) The IP address from which you will access our site.
    2) Your public ssh key.
    3) The email/organization which you want to be published in our wiki page.
  • Once he replies, Email servicedesk_redhat_dot_com:

    Please allow access from <mirror ip> to port 22(SSH)
  • Create a new patch with the public ssh-key in infra-puppet repository, see this for reference.

  • Once the patch is merged and the ip is whitelisted, ask the mirror admin to test it by running the following command:

    rsync -rltHvvP his/mirror/path
  • If everything goes well the new mirror rsync logs will appear at:

After a few days that everything is running well do the following:

Mirror monitoring

Once the mirror is included into the mirrorlist its content needs to be monitored to ensure it serves the latest package versions. This is done using a pod in OpenShift that periodically updates timestamp files on and verifies their age on mirrors.

The list of mirrors to verify is defined in the ovirt-mirrorchecker repo. Submit a patch to this repository and merge it, then log in to OpenShift and trigger a new build of the ovirt-mirrorchecker image:

oc start-build ovirt-mirrorchecker -n ovirt-mirrorchecker

This will build a new container image and deploy it. The new mirror should be present in the output of the mirror checker:

Once this works, set up to check the mirror along with the others. The following nagios configuration file contains the mirror monitor:


If a mirror gets out of sync, report this in the infra list and CC the contact person asking them to verify the reason and fix the sync issue.

In case the issue persists for more than a week and there is no fix, remove the mirror from the mirrorlist to ensure users do not get outdated content (see previous section).