The Phoenix lab has several networks used for various purposes.

Name VLAN ID Subnet DNS suffix Description
DMZ 91 Internet-facing, used for external services
guest 92 Internet-facing, used for various unrelated services
storage 913 - storage network, isolated (no access to Internet or other nets)
infra 911 hypervisors are located in this subnet
workers 912 Jenkins slaves reside in this subnet

Only the DMZ and guest subnets are reachable from the Internet. Systems from other subnets are behind NAT served by a dedicated gateway VM, which also provides DHCP, DNS and OpenVPN services for these subnets. DHCP and DNS for the DMZ is provided by To connect to systems in internal networks, use any system from the DMZ network as a jump host or set up OpenVPN.

Note: DNS for the upper level zone is managed by Red Hat IT. To apply changes to it an internal support ticket mut be opened by a Red Hat employee.